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Philips Design

Low Cheaw Hwei

Global Creative Director, Philips Design

Low Cheaw Hwei is Global Creative Director for Philips Design responsible for overall creative direction in product and services design.

Cheaw Hwei joined Philips Design in 1991 and moved to The Netherlands as part of the Philips audio concept design team. He then took on a senior design position in Hong Kong before moving back to Singapore in 1997 as Design Branch Director and Design Director for Philips audio global portfolio. In 2002 he was made Senior Design Director for Consumer Electronics in Asia and in 2007, took on the role of Design Officer for TV and AVM, leading the function of design in both business groups and was instrumental in building a competitive portfolio and team.

Through the years, he has led Philips Design to win many design and innovation awards and achieved numerous commercial successes.

Cheaw Hwei has addressed various international forums and seminars, particularly on topics of innovation and branding. He also chaired numerous design platforms including the organizing committee for ICSID World Design Congress Singapore 2009, judged at international competitions and currently sits on advisory boards to a few design institutions in Singapore.

Born and educated in Singapore, he also completed a postgraduate industrial design course from Milan's Domus Academy and a MBA in Strategic Marketing.

Cheaw Hwei will present & conduct


Common Senses

Day 1, Thursday, 27 June 2013, 1:15 am

Somehow, we have evolved to over-rely on and heavily burden just a few of our many senses to experience and interact with our environment... Can we be ourselves again?

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Experience Flow

Day 1, Thursday, 27 June 2013, 6:00 am

This workshop will introduce and demonstrate hands-on how we use the ‘Experience Flow’ tool to analyze experience of user to improve user experience.

The workshop will be led by Cheaw Hwei's colleague, Jon Rodriguez who works as People Research in Philips Design.

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