Giles Colborne

Managing Director, CXpartners

Giles is author of Simple and usable web mobile and interaction design and Managing Director of UX design agency cxpartners. He's actively involved in the UX community - as co-chair of IA Summit 2013 and formerly as President of the UK Usability Professionals’ Association. He has worked with British Standards Institute in developing guidance on web accessibility and is a popular speaker at conferences around the world.

Giles will present & conduct


Designing for Delight

Day 2, Friday, 28 June 2013, 3:45 am

Designing for delight: How to create products people love

What is it that delights users? And how can you measure the return on investment of creating interfaces that make users smile? I've interviewed experts and users and come up with some surprising findings that will help you plan and design better user experiences and focus your attention where its really needed.

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Advanced Simplicity

Day 2, Friday, 28 June 2013, 6:00 am

If you've ever sat in a meeting and argued that your product or website needs to be simpler, then chances are you've come away from the same meeting with an even longer list of features and content that need to be added.

Anyone trying to create a simple design faces some tough challenges:

  • How do I know the difference between 'simple' and 'dumbing down'?
  • Should I match the features my competitors are putting out there?
  • How do you 'sell' simplicity when it's so much easier to sell features?
  • How do I stop my 'simple' design from evolving into a mess?

This workshop will answer these questions and apply the answers to your projects. You'll learn to use UX frameworks to break down user experience into manageable chunks. You'll learn to apply design rules to real-world challenges by sketching and prototyping user interfaces. And you'll get tips and advice from past projects to help you solve problems or explain ideas in those tricky design meetings.

Fast-paced and fun, this workshop will give you a chance to try out your ideas with like-minded colleagues.

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