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What People Say About UXSG 2013

Frankly, I was a bit worried about how I would feel "left out" as it is an "UX" conference but it exceeded my expectations. The wide diversity of ideas and approach was great, and the communal spirit was very infectious.
Woon Taiwoon
Now everyone is talking about their UXSG experience. And it was great! So a big Kudos to Raven Chai and his team for a job well done! Loved the dynamics of the keynotes and workshops. Splendid work!
Inigo Rafael G. Pimentel
sad that #uxsg is over. thank you @uxsingapore team, volunteers, speakers and sponsors for amazing conference bridging knowledge & people!
Samantha Yuen
(The) event was so organized, colorful, (full of) creative ambience, so I am sure many of us wanted to say "Hey guys thank you so much!"
Mashook Salman Talpur